Design and quality of all the books published are excellent,some earlier editions were published and produced with a dust wrapper, the society`s 69th publication  Daphnis and Chloe in1954 this was changed and Slip Cases were introduced.

All collectors tend to take great care of their books it is unusual to come across a badly kept collection and the  bibliophiles of  collectors i know like to show them off. Sometime individual volumes can be finger worn or marked, but major damage to a book is now few and far between since the slip case was introduced. W. S. CHURCHILL.CASED.

Many collectors never read their books keeping them in the original vacumn packed sealed wrap this keeps the works in pristine condition. However others like myself do read them it is generally obvious that a book has been read as it will open easily where as an unread book has a lot of tension on the spine, this being down to the prestigious binding.

  The Society published the Folio 60 a comprehensive history of Folio Society Publications this covered all publications from 1947 until 2006 in that time there has been 1348 titles published. At present the number must be close to 1500 or more. There are differing types of collector some go and try for the full published titles all 1500 or so, i know of a collector in Yorkshire who has nearly fulfilled his dream.Others like myself are happy with a few hundred volumes.Some collectors go for certain authors and collect all their works.Dickens,Hardy,Conrad, Jane Austin, the Bronte novels and many other .There are a lot of non fiction,Gibbon, Boswell and many books in series. Illustrators come to the fore many Folio volumes are illustrated by some very well known in their day.Harry Brockway, FrancisMorely  David Eccles etc. 


 The QUR"AN.





 The world crisis W.S. Churchill



 The adventures of Richard Hannay. JOHN BUCHAN