We at Zamora Books buy collections and individual volumes see below for the  payments being made for the folio volumes depending on publication year and the condition of the item and the slip case if included.CONTACT ZAMORA BOOKS

Firstly we will buy all Folio Books, depending on their condition,the price range and conditions are as follows. Folio Volumes and sets are paid on condition of the items being in Very Good to Excellent condition. The volumes in sealed packs will be paid as [FINE or MINT] in their own catagory.   The payments are as follows:BOOKS  £ 6-£8.00 per volume for very-good 2000S .  BOOKS  1990s up to £6-£7.00. BOOKS 1980s  will be all priced at £3-£4 per volume when  estimates are given when priceing collections £3/4. As a rule books pre 90s depending on Author/Title Book sets Folio are paid on a pro/rata usually £1.00 per volume more, above standard payments.   On viewing,   prices per volume may rise. Some volumes are worth more some are worth less. Zamora bookshop will not be beaten on price.  A reduction maybe made after  book  conditions are taken into account. All books must be free from marks of any kind [Name Plates, pencil, ink,  on the boards and endleaves.] £6-£10.00?.per volume 2000/2010 depending on book  condition .The vendor,  on large collections, will be given an average valuation of between £3 to £4 sterling until book conditions and impression dates can be assertained. Photograph attachments of books in cases or of individual items expressing their condition  can be sent if the seller wishes. There has been some confusion of late where this was not fully understood. Books pre-1980 to be decided on agreement[individual volumes] or part collection. [SEE PAGE 5 FOLIO BOOK CONDITIONS]




 The above photograph is the two volume set THE HISTORY OF SCOTLAND in slip case.



Generaly all Folio  books come onto the second hand [used] market in reasonable condition as all Folio readers collector`s look after their books.Sometime`s individual volumes can be worn, finger marked stained etc but generaly it is the slip case that takes the wear,i have found book`s in first class condition after 20 years. Some collectors never remove the books from the initial vacumn seal.





 The above photograph is THE  SPICE   ROUTE.


  All collector`s i know treat their books with care, but it is obvious when a copy volume has been read it opens easily whereas an unread volume has tension on the spine. As i have explained in the previous passages quality books are Folio Books and can be read many times and still look good. Quality books perhaps you wonder what we mean when we say quality book? This primarily comes down to the manufacture of the book. Look at books today they are generally glued and maybe good for a time depending on how they are looked after when the glue starts to dry out and the pages come away from the binding,compare that to a Folio Society book which is stitched and glued and will therefore almost certainly last a lifetime.  



 The above photograph is one volume part of a set  THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND. This volume EARLY MEDIEVAL ENGLAND.



 On contacting Zamora Book Shop by E. Mail using the contact form on page two[2] with a view to buying a book,   you will be told in confidence the second hand price,the year of publication,the condition of the book. The postage rate to destination.


  1. Payment can be made on line using a credit card,bank account, or Pay Pal ballance.
  2. The only information that we at Zamora books require is your [E. MAIL ADDRESS].
  3. All we at Zamora books are required to do is enter, Customers E.Mail address,the amount, currancy and type of payment requested.
  4. This information will either be authorised or declined. This is a very secure payment method,at no time do we at Zamora Book Shop handle banking or card details
  5. Standard terms and conditions apply.[SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS]
  6. The payments are transacted through and operated by Pay Pal.
  7. The customer will be requested to give the card number to Pay Pal either by E.Mail or by telephone. 


                                                    N.BOYLE  .PROPRIETOR

                                                                          Zamora Books. 











 The above boxed set three volumes THE MEDITERREANAEN.





 The above book in the slip case THE SOURCE OF THE NILE.






 The above volume is titled CHIVALRY.





 Te above book set is three volumes of JEEVES AND WOOSTER.






 The above volume in the slip case is  THE SPANISH INQUISITION.






 The above A.J.P. Taylor set five volumes struggle for europe.










 The above volume ELIZABETH 1.