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Keeping customers  personal details safe. [ Data  Protection]

Our customers can be assured that all information supplied to us will be treated in the strictest confidence. This will never be discussed or passed to any other parties.   

As you realise you can view this web site without communicating with us at Zamora Books. 

If you would like to purchase a book or enquire about about any item or or detail shown on the web site you will require to contact us by E.Mail. If you request we place you on our mailing list we will do so on our secure register, for this we will require some personal details. This to include you full postal address, your E.Mail Address, and possibly other details ref payments[SEE SECURITY. 

We up hold the [ DATA PROTECTION ] we will only use your details to communicate with you to give you a first class service. We will use your details to dispatch your order and if you wish them to be removed please do not hesitate,we will remove them.

If we do not receive notification to remove data we automaticaly remove this within the stated time. 

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